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How will we manage your PPC CAMPAIGNS?

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PPC RUSH is home of SEO specialists, digital marketers, and PPC strategists, who can manage your ads to increase your conversion rates and revenue.

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How do we manage your CAMPAIGNS?


To run tailor-made PPC campaigns for your business, we need to study your market niche, your industry sector and the level of competition to identify opportunities, USPs and search for high volume keywords with lower competition and higher profits.

When we finish the study, we work with you to develop a strategy that can deliver optimum results.

  • Implementation:

After we agree on a strategy, we’ll set on the task of optimizing converting, easy-to-use landing pages, posts, videos and emails. We will use the optimized content to run ad campaigns for different ad objectives.

  • Keywords Research:

Here comes the most difficult part, and that is looking for low competition, highly profitable keywords. We will help you target only the most converting keywords so that conversion won’t slip through the cracks. Targeting appropriate keywords will increase your conversion rates and minimizes your ad spend.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

After a customer visits your website, you’ll study their behavior and whether they completed one of the website’s goals.

If you are selling a product, your macro-conversion goal, primary goal, is that he makes a purchase; there are other micro-conversion tasks like signing up a newsletter or requesting a demo; in each case, we’ll study your website’s analytics to see how customers are behaving towards the desired actions.

PPC as another marketing strategy to grow your business

In today’s huddled digital world, competition has become so fierce that depending on organic natural listings will not lead to achieving your sales goals. Here comes PPC or pay-per-click advertising as a supplement to your SEO efforts to rank your business in Google’s search results.




PPC is, therefore, another marketing channel you can use to target your most qualified prospects and turn them into customers. Using pay-per-click advertising in Google AdWords or Facebook will let you meet your audience in their favorite platforms, which helps you earn an edge against your competitors.

PPC RUSH is your pay-per-click management agency that can study your niche market, optimize your landing pages, optimizing your conversion rates (CRO), and do A/B testing, while measuring your ROI and the revenue of your ad spend.

We focus on reporting important analytics that make us take better decisions. We analyze your traffic using Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, call-tracking, tag management, and heat mapping. We are an analytics-drive agency that uses data to run successful ad campaigns.

PPC RUSH is home of SEO specialists, digital marketers, and PPC strategists, who can manage your ads to increase your conversion rates and revenue.

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